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Event Organizers
With busy daily lives, one will hardly find any time to celebrate or to organize an event. This lead to a new sector called Event Management which takes care of every thing that is necessary to conduct and Event. This could be a birthday, a corporate event or a mega-entertainment event.

Event Managers take care of every thing related to events. They guide in Event Planning, find and book the best Event Venues, get the necessary Event Supplies and make sure that your guests are delighted.

Event Management for simple parties is different from that of an Entertainment Event which in turn drastically is different from that of Corporate Events. Corporate Meetings are largely towards programs conducted for employees within a Corporate company or to its stakeholders such as Customers or Shareholders. Corporate Events can be Press Meets, Shareholder's Meeting or the General Body Meeting.
Kalinga Creations
Kalinga Creations
#10-3-8/1, Asilmetta
Opp: Samapth Vinayagar,
Razzmatazz Entertainment Networks
Razzmatazz Entertainment Networks
15, Wilderness Drive, Gangapur Layout, VISAKHAPATNAM - 530 003, INDIA Telefax: 0891 2551226, Mobile: 98481 91866, Mobitel : 0891 5626222 email : razzle@sancharnet.in

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