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King George Hospital (KGH)

Blood Banks

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Visakha Pshychiatric Society

Saadhan HIV/AIDS-Helpline

News on Medical & Healthcare

Swine flu case detected
First swine flu detection after a gap of one and half months

GVMC all set to make anti rabies vaccine available from January 26
GVMC allocates Rs.40 lakhs for this purpose

Vijaya Medical Centre installs Hi-tech VCT Scanner
Captures images of heart beats at frequent intervals

Girl student dies of diarrhea at Tribal Welfare Department Hostel
SFI launches demonstration; Stages Rasta rokho at MVP Colony

World Diabetes Day observed
India believed to be having 30 million diabetics

Filaria prevention drive in city from November 15
To create awareness among the public

Heart patient seeks help from donors for heart surgery
Patient is a daily wage laborer

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Doctors - Physicians

Dr. G Chitti Pantulu

47-14-4, Dwarakanagar-16, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Ankala Nirmala

48-1-30/1, Reddy Hospital Street,Srinagar, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Appa Rao B V S

6-22-2/C, Abhilash, East Point Colony, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Butchi Raju P V

Town Hail Road, Nr. Fishing Harbour, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Chandra Sekharam G

SBI Quarters No. 12,MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Kotagiri Surya Rao

38, Kirlampudi Layout, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Krishna Murty V

15-14-17, Doctors Enclave, Maharanipet, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Kummaraganti Rama Murty

15-14-17, Doctors Enclave, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Lalitha M

4,Punavasu Apartments, Pandurangapuram, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Madhusudhana Babu M

Nr Collector's Office Jn., Above Ajanta Hotel, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Nagabhushan Rao B V

47-9-29, 111rd Lane, Dwarakangar, Nr RTC x Road, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Naik R A

10-50-53, Circuit House Road, Opp Lions club, Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Narasinga Roa K A

25-8-183, Main Road, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Narayana Roa R

4-51-13, Lawsons Bay colony, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Raghunath J

c/o CDR Hospital, Waltair main Rd, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Rama Jagannadha Roa N

Doctor's Enclave, 15-14-15, Krishna Nagar, Nr. Collectorate Jn, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Rama Murty K

Doctor's Enclave, 15-14-15, Krishna Nagar, Nr. Collectorate Jn, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Rao G V

Sunitha Nursing Home Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Sanyasi Rao C V

Tripura Medical Centre, Collector Office Jn, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Satya Rao K

45-42-14,Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Sivaramakrishna Rao P

67,Doctor's Colony, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Somayajulu M V R J

MIG-14,OPP Little Flowers School Lawsons Bay Colony, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Surya Roa Kutikuppala

Sri Surya Clinic, KancharaPalem, Visakhapatnam

Dr.Swamy B

Daspalla Layout, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Venkateswara Rao T

Plot No. 180, Sector-3,Nr. Kalyana Mandapam
MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Vijaya Kumar N B

Medicila Ployclinic,Opp, Collector's Office Jn, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Vinay Babu Yalla

Official Colony, (2nd lane) Collector's Office Jn, Visakhapatnam

Dr. Viswajyoti P

14-1-62, Nowriji Road, Doctors Colony, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam

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