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Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation planning for Sewage Farm to manage garbage
Visakhapatnam, November 17, 2004

The proposed garbage transfer of the Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is coming up at Sewage Farm which is expected to be competed within three months.

The station will reduce the transportation cost from the city to Kapuluppada dumping yard. Setting up of transfer stations is one of the major recommendations of a project report on solid waste management for the city. The VMC plans to save one crore rupees by cutting its fuel costs once the transfer station is ready according the Municipal Commissioner, N.Srikanth. He said the city requires a total of 550 dumper bins. It has 150 and fifty more are ready and another three hundred will be ready in a couple of months. He said each dumper bin costs nearly Rs 30,000.

Apart from dumper binds, the corporation also requires more hydraulic pressured vehicles to handle the 600 tonnes of garbage the city generates daily and at present the VMC is having 24 vehicles and ten would be required.

The proposals prepared for a sanitary land fill costing about Rs 15 crores for scientific dumping of the garbage had been sent to the Government for approval.

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