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eSeva extends its services list in Visakhapatnam
Visakhapatnam, August 26, 2004

New services in addition to the present one, have been made available at the eSeva centre near Chitralaya Theatre. Services pertaining to Labor department, Commercial department and movie tickets were inaugurated by the Commissioner of Police, B. Prasada Rao on Thursday.

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Transfer grievances for Government Employees
Visakhapatnam, August 26, 2004

Government employees were forced to seek the help of the peoples' representatives since the district officials refused to consider their plea according to the AP Revenue Services Association office bearers.

At a press conference, its General Secretary N.Anada Rao welcomed the efforts being made by the Collector, Praveen Prakash towards better governance and asked him take care of the employees' interest too. The large scale of transfers of MROs in the district saw the officers in the agency area placed there again, despite instructions from the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration that the MROs in the agency area should be transferred from there after a period of time according to the representatives

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