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Apollo Hospitals conducts awareness drive
Visakhapatnam, August 22, 2004

Apollo Hospital, Visakhapatnam has recently conducted a special awareness week on deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a common underestimated and under diagnosed complication of patients admitted in a hospital primarily due to prolonged immobility when blood clots formed in the legs may travel up to the heart and lungs causing severe catastrophic events including death.

The programme was launched under the guidance of Dr. MMK Raju MRCP (UK) senior consultant physician in association with AVENTIS PHARMA INDIA LIMITED with an update seminar on DVT stressing awareness to all hospital staff including Nurses, Resident Doctors and Para-medical staff responsible for inpatient care. Patients undergoing surgeries and serious ill medical patients following stoke, heart failure Cardio respiratory failure, sepsis (Severe blood infection) etc., are at high risk. All the patients admitted in the hospital were assessed for risk of DVT in a Pre-programmed Scale and people at high-risk were given adequate preventive measures and prohylais with collection of data for further analysis.

This venture avoids extra-burden both physically and financially to the patients by preventing complications and extended hospital stay. Dr.Jagan Mohan hospital administrator re-iterated the commitment of Apollo Hospital group in continuing this awareness in future which is essential towards good Hospital practice.

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