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Lok Satta Party Meeting
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Lok Satta Party Meeting

Lok Satta Party Meeting at Visakhapatnam

Lok Satta was formed to transform politics

Committees formation..

At Prati Spandana - the Women's meeting

Lok Satta in Visakhapatnam

New Lok Satta City Co-ordinator appointed
Dr Jayaprakash Narayan appoints Dr.Sivaramaraju

Lok Satta to contest in all wards in GVMC polls
Part meeting stresses on Good Governance

News Feature: Lok Satta Meeting on August 30, 2006

Lok Satta Party

Photo Gallery: Lok Satta Party Meeting

Lok Satta meeting on August 30 2006
Jayaprakash Narayanan will interact with students and representatives

Lok Satta Party Meeting at Visakhapatnam

August 30, 2006

Lok Satta, the new political party organized a series of meetings with various sections of the people in Visakhapatnam. A debate competition 'Vidyardhulu Desa Bhavishyatthu' was held in the morning. A Meeting with NGOs from the district was followed by another meeting with women representatives. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan spoke about his new political party at the public meeting at evening.

The National co-ordinator of Lok Satta, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan interacting with media representatives said that new definition will be given to Politics through constitutional reforms. He said that the present politics are not in a position to uplift the down trodden people who are suffering with the very basic needs of house, food and education apart from other problems.

Lok Satta Party

Political Parties are not finding time for people

Speaking at a public meeting held at Ambedkar Bhavan, Dr. Jayaprakash said political parties have no time to bring radical changes in the politics and they have no time but to defend themselves. This resulted in Lok Satta to emerge as political party. He said that the party is not for power but to cater the basic needs of the people.

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About the Event

Event Duration

August 30, 2006

Event Location

Babasahed Ambedkar Bhavan at Visakhapatnam

Organized by

Lok Satta Party

Key Speakers / Guest / Invitees at the Event

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, National Co-ordinator, Lok Satta Party

MVS Rai, Party Co-ordinator for the Lok Satta Party North Coastal Districts

Smt. Manorama

Smt. Seetamahalakshmi, District Vice President

Somasundaram, State Co-ordination Committee

Balaji, State Co-ordination Committee

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