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Lok Satta Party Meeting
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Lok Satta Party Meeting

Lok Satta Party Meeting at Visakhapatnam

Lok Satta was formed to transform politics

Committees formation..

At Prati Spandana - the Women's meeting

Lok Satta in Visakhapatnam

New Lok Satta City Co-ordinator appointed
Dr Jayaprakash Narayan appoints Dr.Sivaramaraju

Lok Satta to contest in all wards in GVMC polls
Part meeting stresses on Good Governance

News Feature: Lok Satta Meeting on August 30, 2006

Lok Satta Party

Photo Gallery: Lok Satta Party Meeting

Lok Satta meeting on August 30 2006
Jayaprakash Narayanan will interact with students and representatives

At Prati Spandana - the Women's meeting
Smt. Manorama speaking at the meeting

Speaking at the Women’s meet, Mrs. Manoram of the Lok Satta’s Womens Wing said that the spread threat of democracy in the present day political scenario. She stressed increasing need of women participation in sectors such as Health and Education which they are deprived so far. In her speech, she opinioned that quality education has lost its importance in Government schools resulting drop-out of children. Commenting on politics, she said that the present day politics has become a political business.

Women in large numbers attended the Lok Satta meeting

Mrs. Annapurna from Hyderabad said that free legal aid to the deprived women should be given to create a better society. District Vice President Seetamahalakshmi also spoke on the occasion.

Women in large numbers attended the meeting.

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