Microsoft : Preparing Your Visual Basic 6.0 Applications for the Upgrade to Visual Basic.NET

The future of Visual Basic

Acessing Ports and System Devices made easy

Grids in VB

Mathematical matrix library

Adding HTML Help for VB Programs

Hyperlinks for VB Forms

SmartHTML 2.0
Convert your VB Code into HTML Page

Audio CD Digital Grabber
Want to design a CD-Audio recorder that converts audio Tracks to WAV files in VB? Here is an OCX Components that eases your task. Just put in and write a small code and your VB Program turns to be a Audio station)

Good site with info on various languages

Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Homepage

Help Writer Home Page
Write Help files for your VB Programs in seconds

Auto Doc Eval Pack
Your Documentation partner

Borg's API Guide
Features help and FAQ on API Programming in VB

Tip Editor 1.2
Create Tip's for the TIP OF DAY Forms with easy

TegoSoft's HomePage
Ultimate source for nice Add-On's - Must for every multimedia programmer

PowerLock PowerTools (Protect your programs)

Ermacs Home Page (Great Tools - a must for those who search for components)

Advanced API32 Ver 1.0 (API Programming made Simple)

VB Game Developer's Site(A must go for any game programmer)

I.P * Works (Create TCP/IP Enabled Apps. Includes a host of essential tools & samples for Internet & Intranet apps. Available for ActiveX,VB,VC & Delphi)

Setup Installation Programs

Visual Studio Installer 1.0 released

Setup Specialist 98
Create Setup program for your executables - V.Good

Setup Factory 4.06
Simple Setup constructor - Fine O.K

Books on Visual Basic at
B & N
Job Search