Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is the civic body that governs the city of Visakhapatnam. It is formerly known as the Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation.

The Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation is formed with inclusion of areas of the erstwhile Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation along with the Gajuwaka Municipality and 32 villages (includes few Panchayats). It came into existence after the Government of Andhra Pradesh released the Government Order (GO) on November 21, 2005. The High Court has earlier dismissed some cases against the merger of some villages into the Greater Visakha. A subsequent notification has put the total number of wards in the region to 72.

With the inclusion of the Gajuwaka Municipality, Greater Visakha will have a large industrial base. Major industries such as the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, the Bharat Heavy Plate and Vessels and the Hindustan Zinc, now a part of the Sterlite group will come under the limits of Greater Visakha.

Organisation Structure

  • Commissioner
    • ADC (Projects)
    • ADC (General)
      • CMOH
      • ADH
    • ADC (Education)
      • DEO
      • HRD
      • UCD
      • APD's Zonal level
    • ADC (Finance)
      • Financial Advisor
      • DCR
      • AC (Revenue)
      • IT Department
    • Examiner of Accounts
      • Asst. Examiner I
      • Asst. Examiner II
    • Chief Engineer
      • SE (Works-1)
      • SE (Works-2)
      • SE (ws)
      • SE (Project-1)
      • SE (Project-2)
      • EE's Zonal level
    • Chief City Planner
      • ACP's Zonal level

GVMC Zones List

  • Zone 1 (1-6 Wards)
  • Zone 2 (7-18 Wards)
  • Zone 3 (19-30 Wards)
  • Zone 4 (31-49 Wards)
  • Zone 5 (50-65 Wards)
  • Zone 6 (66-72 Wards)


GVMC will adapt the online building permission system from January 11, 2016. The move is to bring transparency and simplify the building plan approval process, said GVMC commissioner Pravin Kumar. "Hereafter from January 11, building permissions would be accepted through online system only. People should be aware of this fairly new procedure initiated in Vizag city, which was introduced to improve accountability and responsibility of the officials," said Pravin Kumar.

Drinking water through summer

GVMC Commissioner Pravin Kumar said that the GVMC has made all the necessary arrangements to continue supply of drinking water at the same pace and rate during this summer. Speaking to the media on April 2, 2016, Pravin Kumar said that the demand for drinking water is at 66 mld and that the GVMC is supplying 66 mld. The world standard has been 156 litres per head per day and the GVMC has been supplying 110 to 115 litres per day. An action plan worth Rs. 76 crore for ensuring uninterrupted water supply has been prepared. He further explained that there is adequate water in reservoirs like Mudasarlova and Meghadrigedda.


GVMC has intended to use the services of cycle-rickshaws for the upcoming International Fleet Review in early 2016. Keeping the plight of rickshaw pullers in Visakhapatnam, the Corporation intends to spend Rs. 4000 to 5000 each to refurbish cycle-rickshaws.

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