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A3: Awakening - An Online Adventure Game

Board & Mind Games

Checkers - Try to make your way to the otherside.
Jatris - Its another type of Tetris
Tic Tac Toe - the old board game
Dots - Join more dots and you can win.
Mind Reader - Think of a number and i'll find it out..
Know about you - Know better about your self

Exciting Flash Games

Dog Biscuits - Catch as many biscuits as you can
New Asia - Match the flags with the Countries
Chicken - Save the Chickens from the Eagle
Climb Up Ladder - Beware of arrows however
Fish Catcher - Catch fishes before being caught by the Whale
Flags of America - Match the flags of North American Countries
Circular Puzzle - Match the Jumble...
Queens Board - Place the balls on the board


Old DOS based Games - Download them now

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