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Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

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Who is Who at VMC

Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Contractors Association

Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Contractors Welfare Association

GVMC plans to floating bonds
To raise funds Rs.100 crore for JNNURM

Municipal workers participated in the strike
City sanitation hits severally

VMC bags CRISIL award

VMC Union flays MLA action

VMC Staff and Welfare Union express dissatisfaction over MLA

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Who's Who of Vizag

Who's Who of Vizag

Get the list of Officials and Personalities of Visakhapatnam.
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Who's Who of Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation


This page is no longer updated!! Please visit Whos Who at Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation for a more recent update!!

Mr. N Srikanth, Commissioner, Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

Mrs. Rajana Ramani, Mayor - Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

Malla Appalaraju,Deputy Mayor

J Bhagawati Rao,Chairman, Standing Committee
PLN Patnaik ,Congress Floor Leader
G Sambasiva Rao,TDP Floor Leader
M Apparao Reddy,BJP Floor Leader

M Bharathi ,Corporator, 1st Ward
Ramoji Mani, Corporator, 3rd Ward
Ch Girish Kumar,Corporator, 4th Ward
Gulipalle Lakshmi,Corporator, 5th Ward
K Venkata Rao,Corporator,6th Ward
Kona Ramakrishna ,Corporator,7th Ward
B Neelakantham ,Corporator,8th Ward
Vusirikaayala Suseela ,Corporator,9th Ward
T Venkataramanamurthy ,Corporator,10th Ward
Alipilli Gurumurthy ,Corporator,11th Ward
Nara Ammaji , Corporator, 12th Ward
P Sai lakshmi , Corporator, 13th Ward
B Lakshminarayana , Corporator, 14th Ward
MV Narasimhachari , Corporator, 15th Ward
V Prema Kumari ,Corporator, 16th Ward
Tainala Vijaya Kumar ,Corporator, 17th Ward
Dalli Sri Lakshmi , Corporator, 18th Ward
P Chinna Rao ,Corporator, 19th Ward
Chitapalle Poturaju ,Corporator, 20th Ward
Simma Bhulakshmi, Corporator, 21st Ward
M Apparao Reddy, Corporator, 22nd Ward
J Appala Raju, Corporator, 23rd Ward
PGK Varma, Corporator, 24th Ward
Pendurthi Pushpanjali, Corporator, 26th Ward
M Varalakshmi, Corporator, 27th Ward
GV Ravi Raju, Corporator, 28th Ward
Isarapu Venkatlakshmi, Corporator, 29th Ward
Mukkala Mutyala Naidu, Corporator, 30th Ward
B Jagadish, Corporator, 31st Ward
G Sambasiva Rao, Corporator, 32nd Ward
P Barathi, Corporator, 33rd Ward
PLN Patnaik, Corporator, 34th Ward
P Mutuala Naidu, Corporator, 35th Ward
S Appa Rao, Corporator, 36th Ward
Pentakota Apparao, Corporator, 37th Ward
S Gyanaprakasha Rao, Corporator, 38th Ward
P China Satyarao, Corporator, 39th Ward
B Eswaramma, Corporator, 40th Ward
P Madhusudhana Rao, Corporator, 41st Ward
Vegi Ramachandra Prakash, Corporator, 42nd Ward
Koribilli Dhanalakshmi, Corporator, 43rd Ward
Peela Uma Rani, Corporator, 44th Ward
Dadi Satyanarayana, Corporator, 45th Ward
Seeram Uma Maheswari, Corporator, 46th Ward
S Padma, Corporator, 47th Ward
G Lakshmi, Corporator, 48th Ward
Galla Srinuvas, Corporator, 49th Ward
M Santi Kumari, Corporator, 50th Ward

Abdul Majeed, Minority Co-Opted Member
Dr CMU Jaheer Ahmed, Minority Co-Opted Member
E Gopala Rao, Co-Opted Member
K Badarinath, Co-Opted Member
Smt K Swarnalatha, Co-Opted Member
Smt K Nagamani, Co-Opted Member
S Vivekananda Reddy, Co-Opted Member
Former Personalities of VMC
Mr. Sanjay Jaju, Former Commissioner, Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

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