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Football in Visakhapatnam
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Football in Visakhapatnam

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Sports in Visakhapatnam

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Football in Vizag

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Football in Visakhapatnam

Football has a long history in India despite the fact that it is Cricket that always steals the show in the media - may it be on Television or on the daily newspapers. And if you think Indian Football is limited to just the West Bengal and its neighbourhood, you are wrong. Football is one of the favorite sport of Vizagities. The first football match was organized at the now Police Barracks by the then District Collector Mr. Turner in the year 1888.

Attili brothers and Suribabu were popular figures in those days. Suribabu won great recognition as being the first player from South India to represent Calcutta Club. He also represented the Mohan Bagan Athletic Club at the age of 23. He also inspired Kakinada Appa Rao who later represented the East Bengal Team as a Captain. Varahalu and Appalaraju were also popular figures in the sport from Vizag. Kondala Rao - another representative from played at International levels.

Concrete efforts for the development of sport were taken up well in 1947 when the District Football Association was formed by AV Bhanoji Rao and E. Ramachandra Rao who served the association as Founder President and Secretary respectively. Dr. SV Adinarayana Rao (Prema Hospital) is looking at the association works and trying to promote the sport.

In 1961, a former Football Captain for the GCI, Mrs. John Woefle, nee Jessie Purdy, and her husband, Mr. John Woefle visited Visakhapatnam. Mr. John Woefle served Visakhapatnam as an able administrator.

Football Teams popular in Visakhapatnam

Here is a partial list of some of the popular Football Clubs from Visakhapatnam

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