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Ulead Cool 3D 3.0 English Ulead Cool 3D 3.0 English

Ulead COOL 3D is an award-winning 3D-titling tool for Web pages, presentations, digital video, and more. Ulead COOL 3D's real time drag-and-drop editing environment makes it easy to create professional 3D graphics, without the steep learning curve of traditional 3D programs. TOP TEN FEATURES: Powerful Vector Editing: Create numerous shapes, draw freehand, import metafile graphics, perform vector editing, control path nodes, auto-trace raster images. Instant 3D Geometric Shapes: Insert spheres, cones, cylinders, pyramids and cubes! Customize individual attributes with the new Geometric toolbar. More Eye-Catching Special Effects: Try the new plug-ins, including Transition effects or Custom Bevel effect to apply different front and back bevels. Flexible Text and Object Control: Form many different subgroups to apply the same attributes and special effects with new Object Manager GIF Animation Optimization: Create super or global palettes for better control over GIF optimization. Remove redundant pixels, report download time and size before/after compression, preview your GIF animation. Added Versatile Output Options: Enhanced support for AVI files and new support for QuickTime and Real3D text. Enhanced Animation Control: Show and hide graphics in key frame timeline, perfect for Web page, video or presentation. Faster Previews: Accelerated 3D playback mode for faster previews. Increased Production Functions: Rearranged EasyPalette folders for faster access to presets and new Object toolbar to instantly insert/edit text/objects. New Integration Feature: Ulead SmartSaver user, switch effortlessly to Ulead COOL 3D 3.0 to optimize GIF Animations, image slicing, create javascripts and image maps

Ulead PhotoImpact 6.0 Ulead PhotoImpact 6.0

PhotoImpact 6 is the first image editor to address both image editing and Web page creation. Edit your images and lay out professional Web graphics in real-time. Then optimize and output as complete Web pages. PhotoImpact 6 lets image-editing enthusiasts Get Serious about the Web™ The only Web imaging solution providing a complete set of tools to create professional Web graphics, animation, rollovers and output finished Web pages directly to HTML, PhotoImpact 6 lets anyone produce high-impact Web pages fast. Complete Web Toolkit Designing for the Web takes special tools. PhotoImpact 6 delivers all the tools needed to create compelling Web graphics and complete HTML pages Save as Web Page Component Designer HTML Text Interactive Rollovers & Buttons Image Optimization GIF Animation Image Slicing Superior Creativity Extend the boundaries of your creativity. PhotoImpact includes the most extensive set of creativity tools for designing striking content. Imaging Tools Special Effects Path Drawing Tools Text Tools & Effects Wrap & Bend Masking Smart Workflow PhotoImpact's customizable interface, visual "Pick-and-Apply" galleries and other time-saving tools make you productive right away. EasyPalette Quick Command Panel Album Management Screen Capture Digital Watermarking

Vecta3D Max 1.1 Vecta3D Max 1.1

A new version of the acclaimed Vecta3D Max plug-in for 3D Studio Max outputs shaded 3D images and animations to Macromedia Flash

Paint Shop Pro 7 - 10th Anniversary Edition Paint Shop Pro 7 - 10th Anniversary Edition

Qualify For A $30.00 Rebate, Instant $10.00 Rebate, And Receive Over $100.00 Worth Of Software FREE! Happy Anniversary to the most popular, most complete photo and Web graphics editor for home and business.

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