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TDP GVMC President condemns arrest of journalists
Demands lifting of non-bailable cases against the reporters

AP Working Journalists Greater Visakha Unit elects new body
P Narayana elected President

Seminar on Role on Media held
Censor Board to adhere to regulations before certification

Radio Stations

All India Radio (Visakhapatnam)

Visakha FM

Rainbow Vizag FM

Gyan Vani

Radio City 91.1 FM stars airing in Vizag
Becomes 12th location for Radio City in India

BIG 92.7 FM launches in Visakhapatnam
Vizag Station is the 35th in the country and third in the State

Big FM set to reign Visakhapatnam
Another three FM stations as Dassarah gift for Vizagities

Rainbow Vizag FM channel inaugurated
New Radio Channel from All India Radio / Prasara Bharthi

Visakhapatnam AIR wins awards at AIR Annual Awards 2005
Dari Chere Dari and Yedava Satruvu gets awards

Visakha FM, Visakhapatnam

Beamed at 93 MHz, Visakha FM is run by Sun Network, a leading name in Print, Radio and Television networks in South India. Sun Network runs Suryan FM from Chennai, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli and is one of the most successful FM station in India. Needless to say, Visakha FM is the first telugu private FM station launched in Andhra Pradesh and won the popularity of Vizagities. Visakha FM today has one of the widest reach in terms of number of audience.

The programming on Visakha FM revolves round issues in daily life dipped with some old and new songs from telugu movies. The anchors are very soft and often gets their audience involved in the programs. Most of the program have a telephonic interaction with the auidenece. Programs names are often branded along with their main sponsors. Ex: CMR Shopping Mall Voorantha Manadhe.

Effective mid-April 2006, Visakha FM is broadcasted on 93 MHz instead of its earlier 105.6 MHz

Some popular programs on Visakha FM

Popular Anchors on Visakha FM


Visakha FM (Sun Network)
310 - 311 3rd Floor, Door No. 10-1-47
Dutt Island
Waltair Uplands
Visakhapatnam 530 003

Telephone: +91 891 5565050
Fax: + 91 891-5567223

Information on these pages is collected from various sources. List of programs and other details mentioned is indicative and is not comprehensive. Some of the programs would have been changed / discountinued. Please contact the Contacts mentioned on the page for further information.

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