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Industries in Visakhapatnam
Industrial Trends

Sammakka-Sarakka jatara brings business for Anakapalli jaggery traders
Jaggery prices moves to Rs. 115 per kg

Security failure in Coramandal Fertilizers Factory
Rs.3.50 lakh worth of iron items looted

Bauxite mining issue gaining momentum again
Tribals launch seven days padayatra

Essar Steel acquires US Steel company
Estimated reserves of 1.4 billion tonnes of iron ore

ONGC Human Resources Meet begins at Visakhapatnam
Chairman stress importance of HR in business

  • Standard Design Factories (SDF's) and plots at economical rates on renewable lease basis.
  • Concessional lease rentals for first 5 years of operations for early startup.
  • Corporate Tax Holiday on a graded scale.
  • Duty Free import of capital goods, raw materials and components.
  • Exemption from Central Excise Duty and other levies on products manufactured in the zone and procured from DRA ( Domestic Tarrif Area).
  • Central Sales Tax reimbursement on purchases made from DTA.
  • Deemed export benifits supplies received from DTA.
  • Sub-contracting of part of production fro job work in DTA.
  • No restriction on foreign share holding and 100 % convertibility of export earnings at market rate.
  • Unrestricted remittance of profits and dividents.
  • Access to domestic market upto 50% of FOB value of exports on payment of applicable duties.
  • Exemption from Sales Tax on purchases of inputs from the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Availability of POL products at consessional prices.
  • Public utility for units set-up in the zone.
  • Only 50% of applicable development charges payable towards supply of power.
  • Units are exempted from payment of capital contribution charges towards supply of water.
  • Units are exempted from payment of registration fee and stamp duty in respect of lease deeds.
  • Out of turn allotment of telephone connections.

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