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(?) slib installation

From Dann S. Washko

Answered By Ben Okopnik

While compiling gnucash I needed to install the slib libraries. I grabbed the latest files from SLIB site and looked over the install information. I initially put the slib files in /usr/lib/slib, but this was not working, g-wraper kept puking saying it could not find require.scm. Looking at the path's listed, I moved slib to /usr/share/guile/1.4. I reconfigured g-wraper and ran make with no errors.

Is this where slib belongs?

(!) [Ben] Just a datapoint: on my (Debian) laptop, "slib.scm" is in /usr/share/guile/1.3.4/ice-9/. It sounds like the right neighborhood.

(?) Yeah, that is where it is on my slack system. The g-wrapper program was looking for it in /usr/share/guile, so that is where I put it. I managed to compile gnucash successfully. It puked on the first run saying I should run it as root. Again, this was an issue with the slib libraries.

strace gnucash showed some issues with opening, but after running it as root once, I was able to run it as a user.

(!) [Ben] Hm. That makes me wonder if it creates some sort of a config file that it relies on in a place wher you normally don't have write permissions. <Shrug> Just a wild guess.

(?) This makes me wonder if my placement of slib is not 100% correct.

(!) [Ben] I would think that if it wasn't, it would continue to fail. Either way, it's working now, right? :)

(?) Thanks for your reply, Ben.

(!) [Ben] You're welcome, Daniel; little enough that it was, I'm glad that it was of use to you.

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