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Vizag Info Pages has been a very succesful site over the past few months. Inorder to serve you better, we are running a maintenance program this week. Some vistors say that they are receiving HTTP 404 Errors. Incase you find any such ones, kindly inform us at E-Mail. Please inform us the exact page and at which click you encountered the error. We hope you'll co-operate with us in this effort to help you serve you better. Remember that this site is an effort of a single individual and you'r co-operation and suggestions helps us.


We make our pages as simpler and easier to navigate. You can find the required information on our pages with fewer clicks. Yet some users may get strange error massages.

Most people get a Java Script Error

This error may be due to an incorrect Java scripts running on pages or the client having an incorrect Java Virtual Machine running. Please make sure that Java is enabled in your browser and that it is running the latest version. We suggest you to use the latest versions of the browser software. Microsoft has Internet Explorer 5 ready and can be downloaded from their site. Netscape has its browser suite ready. Get Netscape 4.5 from Netscape's site. If you are a favorite user of Opera, download the latest 3.5 version of the same. Neoplanet is also a fine web browse.

Click Here for links for Alternative Browsers

Most of the updates / software's for the above browsers are available at the site.

Some users reported gaps on either side of web pages. This is due to Display settings being put at higher resolutions. We design these pages in such a way that they are easily accessible to an average user who usually has a 600 dpi resolution at 256 Colors.

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