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Sl Name Designation Educational Qualifications Area of specialisation
1        Prof. K.K. Das Hony. Professor B.Com.(Hons.) DCS(Harvard) Business Policy
2 Prof. K.V. Sivayya Hony. Professor MBA(Bradley) Ph.D.(Illinois) Marketing
3 Dr. V. Balamohandas Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Industry & Govt. and Banking
4 Dr. G. Subrahmanyam Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Marketing
5 Dr. D. Panduranga Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Transportation and General Management
6 Dr. C. Suryanarayana Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Personnel & I.R. & Org. Behaviour
7 Dr. J.V. Prabhakara Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Maraketing, Inter-national Finance & Public Enter.
8 Dr. B. Parvateswara Rao Professor M.B.A.Ph.D. Finance & Orgn. Behaviour
9 Dr. B. Appa Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Banking & Ind. Finance
10 Dr. U. Babaji Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Taxation, Mkt. & Gen. Management
11 Dr. D. Prabhakara Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Accounting & Finance
12 Dr. K. Satya Rao Professor M.Sc.(Stat), Ph.D. Information Mgt. & Quanat. Methods
13 Dr. R. Satya Raju Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Personnel & Behavioural Mgt.
14 Dr. V. Mallika Pothana Professor M.A.(Psy.) M.A.(Socio), Ph.D. Personnel & Behavioural Mgt.
15 Dr. I.Muralikrishna Rao Professor M.B.A.,Ph.D. Marketing & Gen. Manaagement
16 Dr. M.Lakshmipathi Raju Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Industry & Govt. & Taxation
17 Dr. K. Ramamohana Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Marketing
18 Dr. B.J. Stanley Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Org. Behaviour & Coop.Mgt.
19 Dr. M. Madhusudhana Rao Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Personnel & I.R, & Org. Behaviour
20 Sri P.G.B. Reddy Associate Professor M.B.A. Business Policy
21 Dr. P. Veni Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Finance & Taxation
22 Dr. D.M. Sheba Rani Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Personnel & Taxation
23 Dr. G. Satyanarayana Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Taxation&Ind. Orgn.
24 Dr. K. Sambasiva Rao Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Accounting & Finance
25 Dr. G. Sudarsana Rao Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Taxation & Marketing
26 Dr. V. Krishna Mohan Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Marketing Mgt.
27 Dr. D. Lalitha Rani Associate Professor M.B.A, Ph.D. Marketing & Gen. Mgt.
28 Dr. C.V. Kannaji Rao Associate Professor M.B.A, Ph.D. Marketing
29 Dr. N. Rajyalakshmi Associate Professor M.B.A, Ph.D. Finance & Mktg.
30 Dr. P. Siva Kumar Associate Professor M.B.A, Ph.D. Gen. Mgt. & Personnel
31 Dr. P. Viswanadham Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Accounting & Fin.
32 Dr. R. Madhusudhana Raju Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Taxation & Economics
33 Dr. M. Sandhya Sridevi Associate Professor M.B.A,Ph.D. Personnel & Communication
34 Dr. A. Narasimha Rao Associate Professor M.Com.,Ph.D. Personnel & Fin.
35 Sri N. Krishna Prasad Assistant Professor M.Com. Finance
36 Sri IVRL Narasimha Rao Assistant Professor M.Com. Transport & Org. Behaviour
37 Sri S. Sribabu Assistant Professor M.B.A. Production Mgt.
38 Mrs. M. Sarada Devi Assistant Professor M.B.A. Personnel Mgt.
39 Dr. B. Mohan Venkatram Assistant Professor M.Com., Ph.D. Transport & HRM
40 Dr. N. Kishore Babu Assistant Professor M.Com., Ph.D. HRD& Taxation
41 Dr. M. Nagarjuna Assistant Professor M.Com., Ph.D. Banking
42 Dr. J. Ravi Assistant Professor M.Com., M.B.A., Ph.D. Banking & HRD
43 Dr. K. Satya Murthy Assistant Professor M.Com., Ph.D. Finance & Transport Mgt.

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