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The success of a web site depends on how well it is being laid and available for navigation by your web site visitors. So, it is important to see that images are optimized, scripts are giving no errors and there are no missing links in your site.

Our Web Site Analysis will completely test your web site and give you crucial medications that are required by your website to make it user friendly and informative.

The Report contains
  • A Complete Sitemap of your web site
  • Broken Links, Ordered by Links
  • Broken Links, Ordered by Page
  • Broken Local Links
  • Redirected URL's
  • FTP and Gopher Links
  • Valid Text URL's
  • Site Map
  • Statistics
  • Local Orphan Files
  • List of Images Files on your site and their sizes
  • Total Page Views
  • Daily Unique Visitors
  • Hourly Unique Visitors
  • Total Visits
  • First Time Visitors
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Daily Returning Visitors
  • Average Page Views per Visitor
  • Average Visits per Visitor
  • Average Visit Length
  • Average Page Views per Hour of this Day
  • Average Unique Visitors per Hour of This Day
  • Average Visits per Hour of This Day

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