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M.Tech (CST) and M.Tech (IT)

Day Time Ranks Category
12.7.20029.00 a.m.1-300All
 2.00 p.m.301-1619ST
  .301-500Open & BC (Women)
  .501-700SC-C (Women)
  .501-1619BC-A (Women)
  .301-600BC-A (Boys)
  .301-350BC-B & BC-D (Boys)
  .501-1000BC-B & BC-D (Women)

Day Time Category Branch
11.7.20029.00 a.m.CAP/NCC/Sports/PHAll specializations and those who were sent call letters

Day Time Category/Department (Specialization)
11.7.20029.00 a.m. CAP/NCC/Sports/PH (All branches)
13.7.20029.00 a.m. ECE (Radar & Microwave Engg./ Electronic instrumentation)
 3.00 a.m. Electical Engg. (Power Systems & Automation/ Control Systems Engg. & Instrument Technology (Industrial Process Instrumentation)
14.7.20029.00 a.m. Mechanical (Industrial Engg.[day-time & part-time]/Machine Design/Heat Transfer in Energy Systems / CAD / CAM)
 3.00 a.m. Marine (Marine Engg. & Mechanical Handling)
   Metallurgy (Material Science Engg. / Industrial Metallurgy)
15.7.20029.00 a.m. Civil (Structural Engg. / Soil Mechanics & Foundation / Environmental Engg. & Mgt./ Coastal & Harbour Hydraulics( & Geo-Engg. (Geo-Engg./ Remote Sensing) [day-time & part-time]
 2.00 a.m. Chemical (Mineral Process Engg. / Chemical Engg.)
17.7.20029.00 a.m. Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.Pharmacy)
 3.00 a.m. Chemical (Biotechnology) & Centre for Technology Forecasting (Technology Forecasting)

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