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Welcome to VizagInfo.com Advertising & Marketing Solutions
VizagInfo.com is Visakhapatnam's top media company giving you complete and wide coverage in the city of Visakhapatnam. Our publishing, broadcast and interactive business units offer a wide variety of packages with flexible, creative and rewarding advertising opportunities. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about how Tribune can fit into your company's communications strategy.

Thank you for your intrest in advertising with VizagInfo.com. We welcome you to Web Advertising where you can use the resources, services and the brand value of VizagInfo.com and its network of web sites to take your products and services to far heights.

VizagInfo.com is the leading website for information on Visakhapatnam on the Internet.

Advertising Plans

Taking your product or service to the reach of your target audience is very easy.

Select from our three schemes for Advertising on our site.
  • Smart Advertising
  • Economic Advertising
  • Promotional Advertising
Smart Advertising

This Advertising options is for big websites or websites who wish to build brands on the Internet and Generate more customer (students) to their websites.

The Rates for the scheme are as follows:

Scheme Rates
Ad on 1st Page Only Rs. 100 per day
(min promo should be 1 week)
Ad on 1st page and Top 10 webpages Rs. 150 per day
(min promo should be 1 week)
Ad on 1st page and Top 20 webpages / major sections Rs. 200 per day
(min promo should be 1 week)
Ad in all pages and at headers of all dynamic pages Rs. 4000 per month.
  • If required, we will design a free banner Ad for you.
Economic Advertising

This Advertising option is for relatively small websites who wish to pay only for the number of times their Ad appeared on our website. All Advertising rates are strictly based on the no. of ad's being viewed by our visiors.

Ad Views (Impressions)

1 - 1000
1000 - 5000
5000 - 10000
10000 or over
Rate (per thousand ads)

Rs. 90.00
Rs. 85.00
Rs. 75.00
Rs. 68.00

Promotional Advertising

This Advertising option is for People / Companies / Consultancy Firms who wish to reach to Students directly to run their promotional campaign. A Promotional Campaign can be in the form of a survey, offer to a student for Educational Loans, Information about a service offered by a company etc. We desing a webpage for you and redirect all our visitors to the webpage so that intrested people can get to you. The Advertising rates for this will be Rs. 4000 per 100 Students which means that you spend just Rs. 40 for a deal with a student which is far less than an print advertising.

Terms & Conditions

  • All Payments should be paid in Advance through a Cash / Cheque / DD / Credit Card / Cheques / DD's should be payable in favour of Vijay Technologies at Visakhapatnam and may be sent to the following address.
  • All Ads should be submitted in Animated GIF / JPEG Formats only and should be of 460 * 60 sized. We also accept other banner sizes depending on the availability of Ad space on the website.
  • All Ads are being verified by us before they are put online. Ad's that are not targeted to our audience are strictly rejected.
  • All Ads will be hosted on our server only and are queued along with the other ad's being hosted on our website.
  • Every advertiser will be given a unique URL to find their Ad progress on how they are faring in our website.
  • For any further information, pls. feel free to get intouch with our Ad Sales Department