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Electric Transformers

Ice Cream Parlours

Packagers & Movers


Silk Sarees

VCD Convertion

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Visakhapatnam Yellow Pages - C

CD ROM Rentals

CD Recording / VCD

CVT - Manufacture / Sales / Repair

Cable Operators


Cable Television Equiptment & Accessories


Camera Stores/ Repairs

Cell Phones

Canteen Equipment

Capacitors Manufactures / Wholesalers

Car Painting / Polish

Car Decorators

Car Rentals

Car Decors

Car Stereo's

Car Glasses

Car Tyres

Car Radiators

Car Spares

Car Servicing

Carbode Boxes/ Cartons Manufactures

Cards - Greeting Cards

Cards - Wedding Cards

CADD Designers



Calibration Instruments


Cash Boxes

Cashew Dealers


Cast Iron - Pipes & Fittings



Candle Manufacturing / Wholesalers

Calcium Carbide Manufacturing / Dealers

Carbon Brush Suppliers

Carbon Products

Carbon Papers

Castros - Trolley Wheel Dealers

Ceiling Fans

Cordless Phones - Sales / Repairs


Card Designers - Greeting / Wedding Cards

Cargo & Freight Agents / Lifters

Carpet Distributors / Dealers & Rug Cleaners

Cassettes Audio

Cement / Concrete

Cement Manufacturers

Ceramic Products

Certificate Designing

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Engineers

Chartering - Shipping, C & F & Stevedoring Companies

Chains - Industrial / Pulley Blocks / Sprockets

Chocolate & Cocoa Manufacturing / Dealers

Chit Chat Centers

Chemicals - Industrial / Cleaning Agents

Chemicals - Anti Corrosive

Chemists & Druggists / Medical Stores

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Pumps

Chemical Equipments

Chit Fund Companies

Chicken Centres

Chips Synthetic

Cigerette Manufacturing/Dealers

Cine Distributors

Cinema - Slide Makers / Transperencies

Circuit Breakers

Clubs & Holiday Resorts

Coaching Centers

Coal Dealers

Cold Storage

Cold Weld Components

Coffee Makers / Manufacturers

Color Labs

Color Televisions - Sales

Color Television - Servicing & Repair

Comb Binding

Communication Centers

Cosmetics Products

Cranes & Hosists

Crockery & Cutlery

Competitive Examination Training / Tutorials / Coaching Centres (Educational)

Computer - Education

Computer - CAD/CAM Training

Computer - Aided Designing

Computer - Hardware

Computer - Software

Computer - Hardware Training

Computer - Data Entry / Job Works

Computer - Internet Service Provider

Computer - Furniture

Computer - Cables

Computer - Printer Ribbons

Computer - Software Training

Computer - Multimedia

Computer - Networking

Computer - Software Development

Consultants - Electrical

Consultants - Engineers

Consultants - Water Geologists

Consultants - Management

Consultants - Manpower

Consultants - ISO 9000

Consultants - Recruitment & Training

Consultants - Personal & Indl. Training

Consultants - Conveyors

Copper Cables

Coir Products

Coil Winding

Coconut Oil



Cycle Dealers

Cyber Cafes

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